Do you want to make from your singing talent?

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Do you want to turn your singing hobby into a successful, respected business?

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Your video course for the professional singing industry.

“Get Paid MORE To Sing” is the only video tutorial course of its kind. The teaching videos available through the site have been made specifically to teach singers how to make more money from their talent in the professional function, party & wedding industry.



Expert created modules covering all you need to know.


Professional videos taking you step by step on how to increase your earnings.


Hours of exclusive content teaching how to get paid MORE to sing.


Exclusive downloadable tools to help you get paid MORE to sing.


4 free videos, so you can see what amazing benefits the course offers.

Join today and You will discover:-

  • How to set the appropriate goals you’ll need for your business to move forward.

  • How to price yourself to maximise your potential profits.

  • How offering a small extra from your point of view  will get booked where others won’t.

  • How to use Social Media and Networking to build profitable business relationships.

  • Your responsibility in the area of taxes and self employment.
  • The things you should say (and not say) to potential clients to get more bookings.

  • How to deal with rejection and stay on track building a career that lasts.

  • How to market your business online and off, and when you should pay for it!

  • Customer aftercare service and the importance of feedback and referrals.

By the end of the course  you’ll have all the tools you need to earn considerably more money from your singing talent!

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  • How to develop a strategy to enable you to increase what you earn from your talent.

  • How to navigate your way through gigging anxiety, fear of failure and practical techniques for lowering stress.

  • Vital information about using entertainment agencies and when you should and should not use them.

  • How to separate yourself from your talent and see your talent as a profitable business product.

  • What your new audience wants you to sing to them!
  • How venues think and the best way to build relationships with them to get more gigs.

  • Crucial info about tax, self employment, public liability and PAT testing, quoting, contracts & invoicing.

  • Which gigs to go after and which to leave behind.

  • How to sustain success for a long long time.

….and so much more!  

About Tommy Winn

Tommy Winn is the creator of Get Paid More To Sing. Tommy has been gigging and getting paid to do it since 2002. In those early years Tommy would go around the pubs and clubs earning between £60 & £150 a night.

In 2007 Tommy made a decision to start looking at his singing as a product of a business rather than just something he did to earn some extra money from time to time.

The decision changed Tommy’s life and once he got all the building blocks in place, on average he started making 5 to 10 times his original fee & traveled all over, performing at amazing venues such as Blenheim Palace & Chelsea Football Club!

At 38 with a wife and 2 young kids he is little more focused on gigging close to home but even these gigs still earn him on average £600 a night for a solo performance.

Tommy says that his singing journey has been an amazing experience. He says that whilst it has not always been plain sailing the joy and excitement this job has brought him is immeasurable.

Tommy has had significant previous experience in teaching others how to Get Paid More to Sing, and he is excited to launch the Get Paid More To Sing on-line course, and to offer others the benefit of his extensive knowledge and experience and help them on their own journey.

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